August 19, 2006

A Powerful Method To Internet Advertise Locally!

The Internet is a globally connected community.

At the touch of a submit or send button you can reach out and touch people in the far corners of the world in countries you will probably never even have the opportunity to travel to in this life.

Because of this ability to be exposed to such a huge community of people, the Internet is an excellent place to think in terms of doing business.

But what if your business is defined and restricted by the city or local area in which you live?

Can you advertise on the global Internet to benefit you locally?

Absolutely, Yes!

Let us suppose that you have a carpet repair business in beautiful Van Nuys, California.

You must start by doing your homework. Research, research and more research that is done by using the Top 10 Search Engines and Directories.

For example, you start by visiting Google:

You enter in your search words, Van Nuys, CA. A whopping 126,000 results come up for you to explore in greater detail.

On the first page of results you find access to area maps, weather info, details on the local airport and a few local businesses begin to pop up.

The second page of results shows more info on airports, dinner coupons, discount hotels and other assorted local businesses.

Page three is more of the same and you start to think that with so many hotels and motels listed, you might be able to touch base with them via email.

After all, such businesses have carpeting so they are all potential clients.

Page four brings up a result at Yahoo that is focused further by a quick visit to that site.

You will go from : Home > Regional > U.S. States > California > Cities > Van Nuys > Business and Shopping > Shopping and Services > Home and Garden

Now you have yourself a good section to suggest for having your web site included in their directory.

Visiting page five makes you feel like you hit a winner by finding a site that is focused on your local area:

These folks offer you a FREE AreaConnect Listing in return for linking them on your web site and you will find other items of interest that may be of help.

Keep searching the Google results for at least 20 to 30 pages of results. More would be better.

Do the same with Yahoo, Altavista and each of the other Search Engines and Directories that comprise the top 10.

Bookmark all the relevant sites and you will establish a foundation of targeted area community web sites with which you can link, advertise and utilize to make new local contacts.

Local area carpet repair benefits individual homeowners, real estate agencies, building contractors, hotels and motels, restaurants and most other types of businesses.

There are literally 1000's of local area businesses that are connected to the Internet and thus open for you to tap into contacting them with personal e-mail messages.

Personal e-mail messages will eliminate the problem of getting accused of SPAM, especially if you include info in the message about the web site of theirs that you actually took the time to visit.

Certainly, you could always contact those businesses the old fashioned way by sending out mailings via the post office.

But you can accomplish the same task online for pennies and the investment of your personal time and effort.

And, this is just the tip of the Internet iceberg.

Remember the search term used in the above example was for Van Nuys, CA but that was meant just for starters.

You can focus in even tighter by doing additional searches with terms like, "chat Van Nuys, CA", "email Van Nuys, CA", "guestbook Van Nuys, CA", "discussion list Van Nuys, CA".

Each additional search term can open new doors of contacts, members lists and organizations with which you can network.

Invest just a few hours a day and you can reap great benefits by allowing yourself to obtain an ever-growing database of potential clients that you can contact via the Internet.

By A.T.Rendon



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