August 13, 2006

How to win AdSense battle?

Adsense is getting ever more popular with many online business owners and Internet marketers. And who can blame them? We have heard many stories of some people earning 5 figures per month from this Adsense program. And with the many rewards that can be gained from this pay-per-click program, it is really difficult not to join in the fun.

The Adsense program may sound simple enough: put the Adsense ads on your website, drive traffic to your site, and hope that many of the visitors will click on the ads. No selling, no inventories, and no need for customer service either. Sounds like a dream online business. Or is it?

In this Internet marketing guide, I will discuss the truth about Adsense, and let you see for yourself whether this is reality, or just a fantasy.

This is a numbers game

Just like any other business, the Adsense program is purely a numbers game. The more the merrier, as they say. So don't expect extraordinary results if you are playing this game with only one website. Sure, there are some gurus out there who claim that they are earning thousands of dollars per month from just one website. But in order for you to achieve that, you have got to drive an enormous volume of visitors to your website to start earning the sort of income you dream of.

You see, the Adsense program works in this way: If you have just one website which is earning you a paltry $20 per day, you would have earned a grand total of $600 per month. So what do you need to do if you want to earn more? Simple. Just churn out more websites.

Using the above example, if you are earning $600 per month from one website, how much would you earned if you set up 5 more websites? That's right, you would have earned $3000 for the month.

So Adsense is really a matter of playing the numbers game. The more websites you build, the more you will earn.

The 3 Vital factors in the Adsense game

There are basically 3 vital factors which will determine whether you can succeed or fail in your Adsense venture. Let us take a look at these 3 very important ingredients.

1. Choosing the right keywords

This is perhaps the most important factor. You must be able to choose the right keywords with high costs per click (CPC). The CPC determines how much you will receive every time a visitor to your site clicks on the Adsense ad. Get this part wrong, and you can kiss your Adsense venture goodbye.

You would need to do some homework to find out about the rates of certain keywords, and also gather some information on how much your competition are bidding for the keywords.

You can do a search on Google to find some free tools and helpful resources for you to accomplish the two tasks listed above.

2. Volume of ad impressions

The second vital factor is ad impressions. You really do need to have a very high volume of these impressions. For this to happen, there is only one way to go: drive lots and lots of traffic to your website. You would need to implement some Internet marketing strategies, and other search engine optimization tactics. There are also some black hat tactics which some Internet marketers are using right now. You can choose to be a nice guy, or you can choose to irritate some players in the game, it is all up to you.

3. High click through rate

The last vital factor is the click through rate (CTR). CTR is the ratio of successful clicks per number of visitors. You must achieve a high CTR for your websites in order to make it in the Adsense program. The higher your CTR, the more you will earn.

You can improve the CTR in a number of ways. One of the ways is to choose the right kind of ad display that will blend into the background of your website, so that your ads will not scream 'advertisement', and lower your CTR. Another way is through clever and effective ad positioning. For this to happen, you have got to test, and re-test for the best results. Remember, patience is a virtue.

Content Is King

This is an undisputed fact in the world of Internet marketing: Content is King. And this fact will hold true for as long as the Internet exists.

Websites are driven by content, and more content, so you would need to constantly add lots of high quality content furnished with fresh and valuable information for your visitors. Take note that only high quality content will do. If you have nothing more than just gibberish content, then your website will fail miserably, because your visitors would not want to visit some junkie stuff which is just plain wasting their time.

Also, good content will make sure that your website will get indexed by the major search engine spiders. This is critical, because 85% of your website traffic will come from the search engines. Constantly updating your website with fresh and original content will ensure that the search engine spiders constantly monitor your pages and this will give your site a better page ranking.

Originally published by Wyatt Lee "The Truth About Adsense: Reality, Or Just A Fantasy?"



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